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Hello! We're so glad you stopped by to inquire about the home-selling process!
We desire for you to be as informed as possible and to answer any questions you have along the way. To that end, we've prepared some light reading for you...
We have many custom searches available for a home-buyer's convenience.

What is My Home Worth?
There's a couple of ways to find out:
1. DIY Method (Do-It-Yourself):
Feel free to Search Homes For Sale until your heart is content and compare the values of the homes that closest match yours. Every 4 bedroom home that is 2500 square feet isn't worth the same. However, every dollar equals the same as itself. In other words, if you think your home is worth around $200,000, look at $200K homes and see how those compare to yours. If the list is detailing homes that are more elaborate than yours for the price you are desiring, you might be the highest bidder on your home and need to improve your price. Likewise, if the homes are less elaborate.

2. WE CAN DO IT FOR YOU! (No obligation.)
Our website prepares an automatic report for your reference. We will also prepare a custom report that takes in to consideration as much information as we can learn about your home, compare it to the market, and suggest a listing price that will, hopefully, sell your home with expedience.  

Many people like to use the internet and learn as much as they can on their own for a while. Some, like an agent to do the work for them. We like to accommodate both in the best timing possible. If you would like more information about the home-selling process, value of your home, or any any other real estate related question, give us a call or text at 907-312-2274. We're happy to be of service and to engage you on whatever level you feel comfortable!

What is My Home Worth? - Find out INSTANTLY here:
(We are required, by Alaska law, to present the AREC form to you in order to show you a home or provide specific real estate assistance.)
(Small video explaining the necessity for the AREC form.)
(How We Help You SELL!)


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